Dre Kay Common Thread

by Dre-Kay

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Phillip Clark
Phillip Clark thumbnail
Phillip Clark Totally slipped by my radar for "Best of 2012," but this album absolutely is. Polished and marvelously executed, "Common Thread" is a must-own! Favorite track: Lazy Sunday.
Britt thumbnail
Britt Thanks so much to Black & Sexy TV for introducing me to Dre-Kay. He creates relaxing, soulful and meaningful sounds that round out my music collection. Favorite track: Quiet.
D.I. thumbnail
D.I. This is truly a great album! Shout out to Black & Sexy TV for putting me on to this! Favorite track: Feel Good Thang.
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Producer Dre King and Singer/Songwiter/Producer K'alyn aka Kenny Allen are DRE KAY. The album DRE KAY - Common Thread was done over e-mail and wetransfer from Texas to Ethiopia to Texas to DC between September '11 and September '12.

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released October 15, 2012



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Dre-Kay Ethiopia

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Track Name: Inner Peace
all of our lives we'll be searching for something
i only hope to find the inner peace inside

days are going and i'm still dreaming
times are hard but it's not seeming
to sway my heart it beats so steady
passion keeps is forward heading
'long the way i've tripped and fell
destination, time will tell
years will bring things far and near
situations become clear

peace is not a bright sunset
although these visions help you get
a picture of perfection near
all that we want all that is here
in the times we're living in
the world ain't so forgiving
years will bring things far and near
situations become clear
Track Name: Quiet
peace and quiet
it's so quiet
i am quiet
sound of quiet
really quiet
it's so, oh how lovely

i was blazed and amazed
in ways that had changed
ways i think about
the stillness of now

wind steady blows
through open windows
sky so blue
it pierces through you

these days i stay alone
don't want to pick up the phone
or walk down the street
to my house we can meet

the sound of the calm
power out in the storm
life is every beat
ride it out and let it be
Track Name: Longing for Tomorrow
even if i don't reach the moon
maybe i could rest amongst the stars
there's a staff of melodies
dancing where we are
and even if i leave the past behind
and stay in a present state of mind
there's a chance that i might be
still longing for tomorrow

i never wanted to feel more than my heart could handle
either way i felt my soul melting like a candle, yeah

i'm growing hard but i'm still gentle

down on my knees asking the Lord to have mercy on me
sometimes while living by faith it can still hurt so deep

if i could get it out my way
maybe i'd find the road to destiny
Track Name: Lazy Sunday
take a rest beside me
let me help you
unwind, girl relax
and feel just like you were at home

close your eyes and dream about
places that you always wanted to go
but never found a way to get there

we can have a lazy sunday
we don't have to go any where
so long as we can have each other
we can lay around til monday

let me hold you tightly
touch your skin, feel the warmth
of your body, close, next to mine

put your phone on silent
let's escape the world aroung us
sweet music, tender loving
stay the night

we'll have a lovely day
of that i can assure

cuz when the mood is right
love will feel so pure

cancel your appointments
it's our moment
to discover all the things that
we've been missing all this time

make your self feel comfortable
let your fears go
i cook you food
that feeds your mind your body and your soul
Track Name: Feel Good Thang
you got that feel good thing
that makes a brother leave the studio
maybe go to a picture show
take a ride on a different flight

you got that feel good thing
the kind that i like
and i've been waiting for this feeling
all my life

these days
it takes more than just a sexy walk to turn my head
from all these years in the game

i've been around the finest ones in the world but it wasn't enough
to keep me down and stay with the same

you came to me in a different way
didn't even know what to say
time with you is on a different plane
more than enough is what you got baby

since you've been around i've felt a joy cause you have made
a place where i can be myself
it's not about the way you look and the stylish clothes you wear
but i appreciate that you care

ever since i was a young boy
i've been thinking of love
it was always central
but never so simple

i've got the experience to know just what i'm missin'
that realness
that fullness
that feel good thing
Track Name: Different Kinda World
'm in a different kinda world a different kinda circumstance
if you stood in my shoes you would understand
that it ain't so easy for me, to just uproot my things and leave

i know we been trying
to keep this thing alive

and i know it's been daunting
waiting for me to come

and i know what your thinking
i'm just here messing about

but i know that we're strong enough
it's just gonna take some time, cuz

i'm in a different kinda world a different kinda circumstance
if you stood in my shoes you would understand
that it ain't so easy for me, to just uproot my things and leave

some years ago
i was trippin out

tried to find my way
end up dipping out

it was a breathe of fresh air to me
just to find myself some sanity

gen i was so young
and so dumb
so full of it
but so humbled

by the chance to live
the people that i'd meet and the places i'd see

i had a change in mind
a change in time
a change in my rhyme
things started fallin in line

all that i needed was front of me
like i was living in peace and harmony

here we are now
where do we go from here
i need a sign to come
so it could be clear

until that day comes i think i'll stay still
keep it planted, follow my hearts will

it's too late for me to turn around
with so many things going down
i don't ever want to let it go
Track Name: All of Me featuring W. Ellington Felton
if you wanted to
i could give to you
all of me for all of you

it's like trying to make pretend
that you're not standing on the fence
you keep holding back the real thing

my inner voice is listening
even when your skin is glistening
sometimes the words you say
reveal that something missing

at times you ask me to be some things
that i'd love to be if i knew for sure
if you had intentions to see this all the way through

girl, i'm a man of complexity
i got my best days ahead of me
but it wouldn't mean nothing
without someone to share

if you let go of your fears from the past
i would give you

live the rest of our days with a love that's made to last
i wanna give you

i could barely count or weigh the amount
pounds of my heart, more than an ounce
i tried to pronounce the language of love
even willing to bounce to the land that you love
start a village, grow a citadel
a flourishing kingdom, hmmm, we did it well
maybe i didn't tell what the meaning of all is
the world that revolves is the common denominator
the heartbreaker, the better half of me that's much greater
do me a favor give me all not half
if love takes work, don't make this a task
or sip me like a flask, or genie in a bottle
Track Name: 13 (Where Did it All Go?)
i wanna feel the love like i felt it when i was 13
when love was pure and never dirty
heart racing fast but it felt slow
it was strong but where did it all go

she was my jr. high school sweetheart she lived in the gate
i was small and little then but my status was great
mom's taught music, she conducted the pit
it was the middle of the eighties, i will never forget

high yellow like venessa on cosby's
always thought that i might be
the one that she would choose one day
but she was dealing with a dude in the ninth
she was the one that i liked
heart made me put up a fight
i wanna

no matter how far i come or how far i go
i still remember my first time feeling a joy
that my soul associates as essence of love
it's like a thousand million kisses from the heavens above

times are different and there's many more factors
like keeping a home with debt over the raftors
what used to easy ain't cutting the slack
i really miss the innocens,
wish i could have it all back

it's like the more you live and the more you know
the more it takes to sooth your soul
i used to be moved by the simple smile
rthe promise of love was worth a while

evertime i'm in a new situation
i always turn back to your station
to remember the sweet sounds of love
before it became the blues

these days i feel jaded
boarderline shady
but my aim is to win
gain back the realness
communicate more
be more open in dealings

it's the only way i could rediscover the purness
to the one's in my life now i ask forgiveness
the man that you met now is going through change
the man that you met now is trying to make a way
through this maze long and winding
so many dimensions
so much on my mind
hard to pay attention
daydreamin' bout a time that is here and gone
memories that i'll never forget, i wanna...
Track Name: Selam Selam
i looked hard
but i seemed to have lost
your address
where can i find you

are you happy
tell me are you sad
do you understand baby are you mad?

selam lanchi, alointaye
en damen alish abebaye

selam selam
i just wanna make peace with you

i forgot
nothing seems familiar
trying to figure out but i'm so confused

inside what
tell me where you're hiding
let me take a peek i miss you

selam lanchi, alointhaye
en damen alish abebaye

felege tefa bin yadrashash
esti negarign wedet la ginyesh
azneshahal way tedesiteshal
gebtoshal way cuss tesh tekreshal
Track Name: So Much To Be Said
all eyes are on the motherland
for so long she has been taken from
fighting internally
i've seen this on my jouney
i try to tell my folks at home
so much to be said and so much to be done

i wanna help build it up

it wasn't my design or plan
to end up in this ancient land
giving thanks regularly
has made me see more clearly
i want to make it feel like home
so much to be said and so much to be done

when i look out my window i see colorful futures
waking up in the morning to the sound of the roosters
every day is a blessing each moment a lesson
so much love in the air ain't no need to be stressin
but i hate to see them chasing a dream that ain't real
with hearts like lions and soldiers you cain't kill
in the cradle of man and a place of tomorrow
there's whole lot of hope and no need for the sorrow

people don't live for sympathy
let's all proceed with empathy
i am here making my home
so much to be said and so much to be done
Track Name: Common Thread featuring Seleshi Demessie and the Common Thread Band
music, love, roots and family
are the things that keep us together

Common Thread, we're connected and yes we're committed to making a difference today

we've got dreams that are larger than the eyes can see
we've got plans and desires to help humanity

if one should fall we should try to lift them up
if one is rising we all triumph
thru the common thread

we get strength and support
through unity

we've got ways and the means to build communities





common thread