13 (Where Did it All Go​?​)

from by Dre-Kay



i wanna feel the love like i felt it when i was 13
when love was pure and never dirty
heart racing fast but it felt slow
it was strong but where did it all go

she was my jr. high school sweetheart she lived in the gate
i was small and little then but my status was great
mom's taught music, she conducted the pit
it was the middle of the eighties, i will never forget

high yellow like venessa on cosby's
always thought that i might be
the one that she would choose one day
but she was dealing with a dude in the ninth
she was the one that i liked
heart made me put up a fight
i wanna

no matter how far i come or how far i go
i still remember my first time feeling a joy
that my soul associates as essence of love
it's like a thousand million kisses from the heavens above

times are different and there's many more factors
like keeping a home with debt over the raftors
what used to easy ain't cutting the slack
i really miss the innocens,
wish i could have it all back

it's like the more you live and the more you know
the more it takes to sooth your soul
i used to be moved by the simple smile
rthe promise of love was worth a while

evertime i'm in a new situation
i always turn back to your station
to remember the sweet sounds of love
before it became the blues

these days i feel jaded
boarderline shady
but my aim is to win
gain back the realness
communicate more
be more open in dealings

it's the only way i could rediscover the purness
to the one's in my life now i ask forgiveness
the man that you met now is going through change
the man that you met now is trying to make a way
through this maze long and winding
so many dimensions
so much on my mind
hard to pay attention
daydreamin' bout a time that is here and gone
memories that i'll never forget, i wanna...


from Dre Kay Common Thread, released October 15, 2012
Dre King - Production
Kenny Allen - Vocals
Mixed by Ty Macklin
Mastered by Kenny Allen



all rights reserved


Dre-Kay Ethiopia

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